When we get stuck in the drama of our lives, it can help
to talk with a true listener who stands free of the story

Healing the Story

On one level, we can work with the insights you discover to create a better drama. You can change personal habits and patterns. You can experience more success, confidence, and relaxation. You can change the way you see people, events and circumstances. Sometimes this is exactly what is needed.

Beyond All Stories

On another level, if what you want is a life of freedom, there’s no need to change or improve anything. The simple choice is to see through the story to the reality of ever-present Being, our true and natural self.

Finding Relief and Freedom

For most of us our cultural and genetic conditioning is so deep and unconscious that it veils the light of our natural self. In our session we can walk behind the scenes of your drama and expose the mechanisms that pull down the veils. Once you see how it’s done, you can choose to step into the light and perhaps even laugh at the shadow projections instead of falling for them time after time!

A Transforming Experience

This is not about changing you or changing the story; instead it is about seeing the structure of the story without judgment, bearing the discomfort of the truth, and experiencing the humor that is revealed. When even one little piece of the veil is pierced in this manner, your internal experience will change. This allows for a shift, and you might say, “ I have had a transforming experience.”

I Invite You

Join me in this investigation of your true and natural self.
Each session consists of a one hour phone call. (In person and Skype sessions are also available.)

There is no charge for an introductory session.