About Carol

Carol2cMost of my working life since 1972 has been as a psychiatric nurse. I have served as an RN in a variety of private, public, and VA hospitals where I worked with every type of disorder including psychosis, depression, chemical dependency and PTSD. Among other duties, I provided individual, group, and family therapy.

My husband and I have been together since 1994, we each have three children, and between us, eleven grandchildren. Our life is about living the truth of who we are, being of service, and being available for our children and grandchildren. I gather daughters. I have two of my own, plus a step-daughter, and have gathered others along the way. Much of my interaction with them over the years has been coaching to assist them to find well-being in their lives.

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Call or write if you have questions about sessions with me or if you want to schedule a session. I offer individual sessions or four session packages. There is no charge for your introductory session.


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Having More Fun
A number of years ago I asked for a portrait of me with my grandchildren. Well I didn’t get it. What I thought was a disaster turned out to be infinitely more pleasurable, and I share that with you in the photos below that my husband took. Sometimes when we relax into the present moment, it can turn into joy worth remembering. So now I can go back and enjoy this with my grown grandchildren over and over again. If what you want is more enjoyment and fun in your life, call me.