What Clients are Saying


Beliefs that I had not been aware of, but which have served to structure and limit my life were dug up and exposed for observation and examination. This has been possible through a coaching, guiding session with Carol Starr. It was/is a profound experience that went quickly to the heart of personal ways in which I have previously limited myself. From now on, I will be on the alert to this tendency so that it will not affect my future decisions. Thank you Carol.


I love working with Carol Starr as a Coach; she clearly has a lot of experience and deep heart wisdom that she brings to the session, has a deep intuitive gift that opens up many avenues and possibilities to explore, and has tremendous compassion that is touched with a fierce clarity that goes right into the core and source of the issues. And for me, she’s very, very easy to work with. A perfect combination of ease along with intense depth. I couldn’t ask for more.


Although my son and I knew that we loved each other without question, we kept finding ourselves in fiery disagreements. We agreed that maybe a third party could help us sort out what wasn’t working. It was like a cool breeze when Carol walked in the room. Very gently she was able to suggest other ways of looking at the ideas we were hanging onto, freeing us to see more clearly each others’ perspective. Carol also sensed that we would appreciate some guidance in how we could communicate more effectively with other family members and provided us with some very useful guidelines. All-in-all, our experience with Carol as a life coach was absolutely tops.


When Carol Starr started coaching me, I was newly and reluctantly retired, fragmented, and feeling very anxious about the next phase of my life, as my job was a huge part of my identity. Carol helped me to look in the mirror and face myself, my true self, something I had been really dreading for years. She helped me “forgive and live” with myself and to stop expecting perfection from myself and others around me. Through some mental exercises, she helped me focus more on being responsible for myself. Now I live each day more honestly and less anxious than I have in years and I feel as though a huge weight has been lifted. At this point I feel better equipped to deal with issues as they arise, and I am really looking forward to building my future as a more complete, happier person.

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